Increase profit from your website with my custom usability report ➡ more $ for your business!

Our parents used to fill out a check for each bill and went to the bank to pay.

Today, users won’t finish a purchase if they have to manually fill in credit card details. The world has changed!

So how easy/difficult are you making it for your clients to buy from you?

Get Your Usability Report

A Usability Report is a collection of steps (with detailed information, feedback and recommendations) that I take when I perform a test by following a user journey. And what is a User Journey?

A user journey is a path that a user takes in order to complete a specific task. For example, one user journey would be based on a task to “buy a specific product in a specific currency, using a mobile phone”.

Each business will have multiple user journeys, usually at least 3 most important ones, but in total there could be dozens. Think about what’s important for your business to succeed. If you have an online shop, it’s probably sales. If you have a hair salon, it’s taking appointments, giving users directions on how to find you and even order hair products online.

Prepare the journeys that you need reviewed and then place an order from the options below.

1 User Journey Report

Receive a detailed report with recommendations for improvement on your most important user journey, for example:

➡ A visitor buying a product or a service from your website;

Price: CHF 130

3 User Journeys Report

Get a detailed report with recommendations for improvement on your top 3 user journeys, for example:

➡ User buys a product from your website using a mobile phone;

➡ User signs up for your email updates;

➡ User finds where you are located (address, map);

Price: CHF 330

10 User Journeys Report

Receive a detailed report with recommendations for improvement on your top 10 user journeys. This is the best option for businesses that offer more than one or two niche services or products.

Price: CHF 990

What happens after you place an order

STEP 1: You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to send me details on what you’d like tested. As soon as I have all the information, I will get to work.

STEP 2: You will receive a PDF report within a few days (up to a week if you opt for the ’10 User Journeys Report’), via email.

STEP 3: You can email me with clarifying questions on what I’ve sent you. If you would like to discuss more on a call, we can arrange that (additional cost).

How does a Usability Report look like?

 The report is a slideshow type presentation (in PDF format) with screenshots of each step of the journey, comments and recommendations on the side, making it very easy to understand and act upon. I include additional comments and suggestions that I may come across, which are included at the end of the report.

Swipe through the images to see sample pages.





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